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You're Probably Burning Your Best Leads One of the largest logical fallacies in the sales world is that lead generation is most prevalent during working hours. Here we take a look at contact rates throughout the course of the average day and week to show just how wrong this is. The 40/30/30 Rule 40% of leads come in during working hours. 30% of leads come in after hours. 30% of leads come in on the weekend. What's your plan for these different times? Nothing Is “Too Big” To Start With A Text The world is changing quickly. It used to be that texts were thought as an inappropriate way to start conversations about "big" things. But these days, that's just not true. Here are 4 of the biggest things ever started with a text. Investing In Texting in 2019 Would you consider investing in a texting company? David Beisel of NextView ventures laid out why he is interested in making investments and we couldn't agree more. Preventing "Twilio" from entering the "I don’t actually know what this marketing word means but other people use it so I’m going to try and use context clues to reverse engineer its meaning, in all likelihood poorly, Hall of Fame” Oy vey. How HubSpot Malfunctioned Their Way To A Quarter Billion Dollars On March 28th, 2019, HubSpot suffered a system outage that took down their software for days. During this time, their company's value increased by $240 Million. How could that be possible? FranFunnel Crosses 700 User Mark In March 2019, FranFunnel passed the 700 user mark! Carrier Violations and How To Avoid Them There's nothing more frustrating in a text messager's life than a carrier violation. Similar to SPAM, the idea that you would send a message that ultimately isn't delivered is very frustrating. Let's a look at what carrier violations are and how to prevent them. Where’s All The Texting Data? The world is desperate for great text messaging data. However, if you were to do a search for current, relevant text messaging data, you'd find that there's not much on that front. What's the deal here? Where's all the data? The Next Beginning Of A New Era In Messaging On January 25th, 2019 the New York Times reported that Facebook was going to combine the functionality of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, thus uniting the two largest third-party messaging apps. This will be a big deal one day. Analyzing The 2019 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 (+ Dataset) January has come again, which means that our friends over at Entrepreneur have revealed their annual look at the top franchises in America: The Franchise 500. Here's a look at all the risers and fallers from 2018 to 2019! FranFunnel Year In Review 2018 As we approach the end of 2018 and head in to the next "most important year in company history", I thought I’d take a few minutes to speak about what we’ve accomplished in the last twelve months and look ahead at what’s to come.

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