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FranFunnel Crosses 600 User Mark In November 2018, FranFunnel passed the 600 user mark! Scheduling Is Finally Here! Tired of swapping back back and forth between your messaging app and your calendar to schedule calls. Well a new era has dawned at FranFunnel... The Types Of People Who May Answer The Phone There's some pretty damning data out there now about just how low phone call response rates are. That's the bad news. The good news is there seems to be some demographic groups who will still answer... People Just Don’t Answer Their Phone Anymore Finding data about phone call answer rates is nearly impossible. However, in September 2018 the New York Times pulled back the curtains on just how many phone calls you need to place to get people to answer. The short answer: people simply don't answer their phone. Look to E-Mail to See What Will Happen to Texts When you look at the future of text messaging, there are many questions to ask as to what it will look like for consumers. Lucky for us, we can take many clues from what has happened to e-mail over the past decade. Here are four main takeaways. I Already Have A CRM, Why Do I Need FranFunnel Too? At around the 5 minute mark of most of the demos I do, the question that titles this piece comes up. As my tenure here has stretched from a couple months to almost a year, my opinion on why people equate us to a CRM has evolved drastically. FranFunnel is very different from a CRM. FranFunnel and Stats, A Memoir FranFunnel collects mounds and mounds of data on how to best communicate with leads. It's about time we put all of those in one place. FranFunnel Crosses 500 User Mark It feels like just yesterday that I had the pride of regaling y'all of FranFunnel's 400th user. Now, just three months later, we're up to 500! Don't Send Calendar Links In Intro Texts -- FranFunnel Live S2E2 In this episode, FranFunnel GM Eli Robinson talks about why including a calendar link in an introductory, automated text message is a BAD IDEA. You don't want them to think you're a spammer, do you? The New FranFunnel -- FranFunnel Live S2E1 In the first episode of Season 2, CTO Kevin Dolan sits down with FranFunnel GM Eli Robinson to speak about FranFunnel V2. Having focused on improvements in speed, efficiency, and a better platform to launch new features, this new software is exactly what businesses need to best communicate with their leads right now and into the future. FranFunnel 2.0 On May 16th, 2017 FranFunnel 2.0 was launched, representing a new frontier in messaging for franchises. With a focus on speed, ease, efficiency, and growth, V2 fundamentally changed how the franchise world interacted with the internet forever. WTF does "data security" actually mean? And should I care? -- FranFunnel Live E20 FranFunnel GM, Eli Robinson, sits down with CTO Kevin Dolan to talk about data security. For those of us on the "business side" of the house, what does data security actually mean? Should I lose sleep over it?

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