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Gallup’s Take On Modern Communication How do Americans actually communicate with each other? Gallup's seminal study has some pretty cool findings. “I Just Don’t Have Time” And Other Excuses We Hate To Love We get pushed off quite a bit as we quest to bring FranFunnel to the franchise community. That's ok. On Your CRM’s “Email Drip” Capability… Your CRM is great. But it doesn't do everything you need it to. And e-mailing leads is one place it falls short. Text Messaging Is The New Email Remember when e-mail was just becoming a thing? Well, the time has come for SMS in the spotlight. 4 Tabs Every Franchise Salesperson Needs to Have Open In Their Browser Any good sales person will realize that a single system can't solve all your problems. But these four can. What Matters and Why When Following Up With Franchisees Stop making the same mistakes over and over again when following up with leads. Here are the important things to do. Stop Doing Menial Tasks At Work —Here’s What To Do Instead. You probably don't ask yourself what you'd do if you had more free time at work. But here's some ideas... 5 Stats About Cold Calling That We Love Data about the effectiveness of cold calling is hard to come by, but here are five of our favorite nuggets. What’s Your Hourly Rate? It turns out that people spend a lot of time at work doing low-value tasks. Here's a way to quantify that. The Simple Math for Why Phone Calls Aren’t Working What is asynchronous communication? And why has is become the absolute standard in sales? We Tried to Set Up 56 Appointments Just By Texting. The Results Are Staggering. Appointment setting via SMS is a fairly new phenomenon. But with results like this, it's here to say. Encontrando Nuevo Dinero En La Misma Gente Ever had a lead that only speaks a foreign language, like Spanish. Now you have options for working them.

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