Changing Franchise Lead Generation from Being A 4-Letter Word

I don’t know when franchise lead generation became its own industry.

But I can imagine that at that time, it was the complete bees’ knees. A company that finds franchisees for me? What more could I ask for?

And seeing how ubiquitous it has become in the industry (especially the online lead generators), something clearly works. For example, here’s a look at Franchise Update Media’s 2016 report on how franchises are opened.

You’re looking at the largest sub-category of spend (Digital Franchise Ad Portals) within the largest category of spend (Digital).

But along the way towards this new reality, something surprising has happened in the franchise lead generation industry. Lead generators started to get a bad rap. Franchises started to develop an adversarial relationship with the very companies who are responsible for the locations that they’re opening.

Arguably the most important partner for development offices became public enemy number one.

And while I think there are a lot of things that caused the relationship to devolve over time, I think the most salient reason is a mismatch of expectations. Lead generators know how difficult it is to simply get people interested in franchising, much less get people on the phone. Yet, franchisors often believe that leads are synonymous with appointments or at least closely related.

This leads to a frustrating relationship to say the least.

To solve this expectation gap, one of two solutions needs to elucidate itself. Either franchises need to lower their expectations or lead generators need to improve their service to meet expectations. And as someone who has spent the better part of three years working on this issue, I can tell you that neither solution is easy.

Until now.

Here at FranFunnel, we’ve developed the first meaningful breakthrough in franchise lead generation in years. Rather than buying just leads, FranFunnel is the first software that allows you to seamlessly and automatically communicate with all the leads. That’s right. Instant communication, personalized and customized to your leads and your franchise.

Instead of wasting your hours calling leads that never answer, set appointments with leads who are interested in being your newest franchisee.

Emails like this:

Texts like this:

Stop wasting time. Open more locations. Get FranFunnel.

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