Dear FranFunnel App User

(The following is a copy of the exact letter we sent our FranFunnel users when we officially launched our app on July 18th, 2017.)

I wanted to send you a personal email this afternoon to tell you that FranFunnel, after months of development, is now a mobile app available for download.

If you have an iPhone, click here to download:

If you have an Android, click here to download:

So why did we do this? Ultimately, the world of sales is becoming more and more mobile by the day. People simply don’t sell in front of a desktop at a landline anymore. In order to be successful, you have to be able to sell on the go. And while FranFunnel has always been available as a website via your phone’s browser, the app is going to take this to a whole ‘nother level.

What are the main benefits of having an app?

1. Notifications

Your phone comes equipped with some pretty fantastic options as far as notifying you when certain things happen. We now have the ability to take advantage of that to tell you things like when you get a new lead, a text message reply, or other relevant actions occur.

The great news about your notifications is that they’re all customized to you. We’ve gone ahead and set the default notifications to let you know when there’s a new lead, text reply, or clicked email, but just let as know and we can notify more or less frequently.

2. Badges

You probably didn’t know they were called badges (I certainly didn’t), but that little number which is attached to your app icons is pretty important. Now, we have the ability to keep you up to speed as far as different things you need to take care of.

(Badges are coming soon...)

3. Decluttering Your Email Inbox

Your email inbox, frankly, is too crowded. We all have this problem, but ultimately there are few solutions. Over the course of time (and perhaps sooner rather than later), we want to stop relying on anything in your email inbox. We believe the fewer emails you receive, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

4. Improved Design

Designing things for mobile is not easy. As you can imagine, the real estate provided by a desktop screen is far easier to optimize for than your relatively minute phone screen. However, good mobile user interfaces are vital in today’s world. By focusing on the app as opposed to mobile web, we can provide you a better experience.

5. Other Native Phone Functionality

The interaction between franchise sales and your mobile device is only getting started. As time goes on, we expect the two to only be more intertwined. Today that means things like click-to-call and other call tracking, but tomorrow that will likely mean something that we can have trouble fathoming. (What if you walked by one of your leads on the street, and your phone notified you so you could say hi? Ok. Maybe not that intertwined.) As technology evolves, a mobile app provides us a launching point for helping you adapt.

So what do you do now?

Well step one is definitely to download the app.

If you have an iPhone, click here to download:

If you have an Android, click here to download:

Log-in to your account and take a look around. We have a feeling you’re really going to enjoy the new experience. Hopefully it just fits better with your life than “the old way.”

Next, we want to hear from you. Please. Please. Let us know what’s working and not working. What could be better. What would be nice to have. What would be pretty neat.

We’re going to listen to you as well as all our customers to best understand how to make the FranFunnel app even better.

As you know, we’re always here if you have questions!


P.S. We already know what your first request is going to be. Now that you are being notified by the app that new leads and messages are coming in, you probably don’t want to receive those pesky email notifications as well. (Think about how many times you’re now notified when you get a new lead…) As soon as you’d like, we can kill those email notifications and allow you to be app only. Just let us know!

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