Encontrando Nuevo Dinero En La Misma Gente

Apologies for the rusty Spanish. It’s been quite some time since I last studied the language. I promise I was good at it for a while, but those days have long gone.

And I’m going to go ahead and assume that you don’t speak Spanish either.

That’s ok. Usually there’s not any issue with that in the least. One can live their entire life in America simply speaking English.

But let me ask you something…Have you ever had a lead that didn’t speak English?

The answer is almost certainly yes. The fact of that matter is that English is not the primary language at home for 21% of Americans. And while you’re almost certainly not running into non-English speakers with 20+% of the leads you’re working now, it’s something to consider.

So what happens? When you get on the phone with someone and you don’t speak the same language, how do you feel?

It’s probably not good! In the case that you purchased that lead from somewhere, it’s almost certain that you’re upset. YOU WANT A REFUND GOSH DARN IT! It’s a bad lead.

But is it? Just because someone doesn’t speak English well definitely doesn’t disqualify them from being a franchisee.

I was wandering through some of our first hundred leads and I found something that truly inspired me.

Take a look at this text message exchange between one of our Beta testers and a lead:

The title of this post translates (poorly) to “Finding New Money In The Same People.”

This person clearly is interested in learning about what it takes to open a franchise. Why else would they respond? But they have a simple request. Spanish only.

In your current follow-up process, this is a bad lead. With FranFunnel, this is a lead that you can refer to someone who speaks Spanish. If you’re a franchise, perhaps you have a Spanish speaking employee. If you’re a consultant, I bet you know a consultant who speaks Spanish.

By adopting your follow up process to what your leads want allows you to open sources of revenue you didn’t even think you had.

So start finding those new revenue opportunities. Get FranFunnel.

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