Marketing Complexity Vs. Effectiveness

If you were to survey the tools that exist out there for an online marketer, it’s likely that you’d end up feeling that the world looked like this:

And while you may not have the chance to explore every company on the map, you certainly would feel overwhelmed.

So the question really comes around to why so many companies are operating in the “marketing technology” space. And I truly believe that it’s because the order of the day comes down to a single word — complexity.

That’s right. If you were to go look into the marketing department at a Fortune 500 company, you would see a very very complicated organization employing very very complicated marketing tactics. In order to support this, companies like the ones above have popped up to service their needs. Supply and demand in its purest form.

However! There’s a group that gets completely left out in the cold as the marketing world evolves this way.

Everyone else!

If you ended up reading this article, then it is a near virtual certainty that the actual thought process going through your head is something much more along the lines of, “I don’t need something with all the bells and whistles. I just need something that works!”


Complexity, while a very important tool to unlocking some tranches of growth, is the complete enemy when trying to unlock others. If you’ve ever sat in on a FranFunnel demo, you would have almost certainly hear me say something along the lines of, “We’ve built this thing to handle anything, BUT the most important thing is that you’re comfortable using it.”

If you are one of these people, then the first things you should do is realize that A) You are not alone and B) there are options for you.

I spoke with a man this morning who said that he spent the better part of an hour last night on the phone with an offshore customer support for a CRM. He went on to tell me that he basically got none of his problems solved. Sound familiar?

If you’re an organization that needs high levels of complexity to effectively execute your marketing plan, then I encourage you to sift through the chart above to find the right partner.

But if you’re looking for a technology partner that can deliver a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE marketing solution that helps maximize your marketing dollars, give us a visit.

Get FranFunnel today.

This article was written by Eli Robinson, General Manager of FranFunnel.

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