Our First Client’s First 30 Leads

As you know, we started FranFunnel because of you. After years of hearing franchises begging for help getting a hold of potential franchisees, we thought we couldn’t stay on the sideline any longer.

And having spent the better part of the Fall building the new system, we launched our first Beta tester at the beginning of November.

It was a modest FranFunnel. One text message and one email, both sent automatically.

The email read like this:

And the text message read this:

We sent around two leads a day, and after 15 days here’s what the data looks like –

All this means 50% of leads texted our client back (almost all to set up a time to speak), 57% of the leads opened the email, and 23% of leads clicked to schedule a time to speak.

When you’re thinking about your franchise, you’re likely targeting a 50% contact rate (in an absolute best-case scenario) using human resources. In this example, FranFunnel is producing a 50% contact rate before you do anything.

And this is using the simplest FranFunnel we can come up with. How long can you stand your 15–20% contact rates?

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