Stop Doing Menial Tasks At Work —Here’s What To Do Instead.

Money is time. Here at FranFunnel, we’ve always lauded efficiency as the best thing to strive for. You’ve probably heard it all; we’ll save you time, cut down your workload and take the boring work off your hands.

The thing is, with all the time FranFunnel giving back to you, you might actually have newfound time you’ve wrenched back from the claws of your old follow-up process.

See the world! Smell the smells! After all, the world is your oyster. But if you’re looking to spend your time improving and value adding to your franchising process, well, we’ve got a couple of suggestions.

Follow up with more leads

This one is pretty obvious. We’re not talking about simply working more leads, what we actually mean is more follow up, less cold calling.

With the time taken to schedule appointments streamlined by FranFunnel, your hands are freed up to be able to talk to more candidates and maximize what FranFunnel does by kickstarting the conversation with your leads. No longer jump in headfirst into a conversation not knowing what to expect from your lead and vice versa. You’ll find that your conversation will involve more productive information sharing than the “ushe”. (Side note: We’ve done so much research about how to actually spell this word. But what we’re going for here is the first syllable of “usually” that the kids say.) Basically, you get more time to prepare for what the potential franchisee wants, how much they know, and what they expect.

Finding out what works

Talking to more potential candidates can end up offering a whole lot of data you will come to realize adds value to your entire process. With an increased rate of appointments scheduled with leads (apart from closing more deals) your options about how to work leads will increase.

Finally find out what works and what doesn’t. For years, you’ve been the hamster on the wheel. Just run run run doing the same thing over and over again. What if you could actually think about what you would change? Would you start texting? Would you try a webinar? What about going to visit candidates in person?

All of these things are on the table once you’re not stuck doing the little things.

Franchisee Communication

From the first call to when they’ve opened a location, they are your biggest assets to the sales process. If you have happy franchisees, YOU KNOW you’ll have an easier time selling more units.

The benefits to having good franchisor-franchisee relationships are endless; be it better brand ambassadorship, increased mutual support or simply having more people to turn to when potential franchisees need a reference.

We’re not telling you to over-parent your franchisee nor spoon-feed them with a detailed instruction manual of how to run their franchise. What we are talking about is however, the importance of building a solid foundation for which your franchisee communicates with you.

So what we’re saying is, take the time to understand your franchisee’s expectations and let them understand yours. As a development executive, this will go miles in making your life easier.

If you already have the time, or are doing those things, then good for you! We would sure love to know the secret formula to the stellar time-management job you are doing. If not, let FranFunnel help, and show you a whole new world where your new dilemma is a pleasant struggle between how fast you can twiddle your thumbs and how else to value add to your franchising process.

This article was written by Eli Robinson, General Manager of FranFunnel.

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