The Best FranFunnel User At Lead Follow-Up

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to someone on the FranFunnel team, you’ve probably come to realize that we’re really into data. (Our parent company is Metric Collective, after all…)

We find that grounding our decision making in the numbers allows us to deal with uncertainty in a more manageable manner.

In order to stay up to date on what’s behind our business, we run A LOT of ad hoc analyses. And TBH, the vast majority of them are completely, utterly, and 100% useless. That’s right. Hogwash. Distractions. True nothings.

Yet! The reason we ask ourselves so many questions is that every once in a while, we find an absolute diamond in the rough.

Quick replies were a feature we launched back in 2018. Essentially it is a shortcut for FranFunnel users who find themselves texting the same thing to different leads repetitively. It's a short cut for lead follow-up.

By clicking the paper airplane, you can quickly deliver that message to a user without having to type it out or copy and paste the same thing over and over again.

And quite frankly, we’ve received unbelievable feedback on the feature as those who have it fired up have claimed that is have saved them hours if not days of their lives in busy work.

So this afternoon, I decided to take a look (for the first time) at just how many different quick replies have been created by our users.

Here’s a look at the data, with the active messages in green and the deleted messages in red.

That, my friends, is what we call a power law.

To give you an idea for what you’re looking at, the total number of quick replies created in FranFunnel without that user is 524. That user, alone, is responsible for 618 messages on their own.

So who’s our user and what the heck is actually going on here!

To protect anonymity, we’ll say that it turns out that our user is a senior care franchisor based on the West Coast. And the reason for their quick reply quantity is fascinating.

Let’s start by looking at what their introductory text looks like:

The action they’re trying to get people interested in isn’t a phone call rather they are using FranFunnel to get people signed up for a webinar.

And here’s a sample of what their quick replies look like currently:


So they continually update their messages to reflect how they want to communicate people with regard to each scheduled webinar in each time zone! That kind of personalization in communication is exactly what FranFunnel stands for. By customizing the messaging, the leads are significantly more likely to engage. And engagement ultimately means sales.

As far as the numbers, it’s pretty easy to see where the number of quick replies gets racked up doing a few webinars a week.

Are you using quick replies to customize your follow up?

Eli Robinson is the GM of FranFunnel and the COO of Metric Collective. He's known as being a "quick replier"

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