What Happens When Our Phone Rings?

Yesterday the phone rang. This is a place of business, after all. But we are a technology company, and most of our communication with the outside world happens via the internet, so it caught me a bit off guard.

I answered. (This is more than most of my peer group might have done.)

-- Hello? This is Eli with FranFunnel.

-- Yes, hello, this is [Redacted]. You work with my husband.

It is true. Her husband is one of our newest customers. He has been using FranFunnel for about a week.

As seldom as we receive phone calls, this was the first time we had ever received a phone call from a spouse.

-- What can I do for you?

-- I need you to turn his FranFunnel off.

-- Why? Is something wrong?

She politely explained to me that her husband was too busy. I countered by offering that FranFunnel is designed to set up real conversations with as little work from her husband as possible. We take the busy work off of his plate, so that he can do more of what is important. She parried back.

-- Oh, I understand what FranFunnel does. The problem is that he now has too many phone calls.

At that moment I understood why I was receiving a phone call from a user’s wife.

We did not turn his account off, but we did adjust his messaging, making it more difficult for leads to find a time to speak with him. We can always do something if necessary.

But for now, the FranFunnel team is chalking this one up as a win.

Eli Rosenthal is FranFunnel's Platform Lead. He's like your leads: afraid of unexpected phone calls.

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