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OpenDoor Franchises Lets FranFunnel Do The Busy Work OpenDoor Franchises uses FranFunnel to automate 90% of their work so that they can focus on closing deals Smoothie King Relies On FranFunnel To Keep Franchise Sales Moving 24/7/365 At a company like Smoothie King, franchise sales is a complex and global operation. Addison Targosz, Franchise Development Coordinator, spends her days doing a million different things. But she tells us here how she can always rely on FranFunnel to keep that pipeline growing. FirstLight Home Care Extends Service Excellence To Sales Through FranFunnel From day one, FirstLight Home Care was going to be a company that prioritized service. By modeling their company after the Ritz-Carlton, they assured that they were going to treat people right at all costs. By implementing FranFunnel, they have been able to extend that to their sales process. Great Harvest Bread Shows That FranFunnel Is The Missing Ingredient For Development By combining texting through FranFunnel with the tried and true calls and e-mails, Greg Bastek of Great Harvest has turned franchise development into a strength of the company. Here you'll find an overview of how Great Harvest views all three forms of communication and how to make them all work for you. American Family Care Gets Serious About Franchising With FranFunnel AFC's journey into franchising began in 2013 with the acquisition of Doctors Express. Since then, the company's major growth engine has been via opening new units nationwide. Read how FranFunnel has enabled various members of the development team to do their job better, all while saving time. Christian Brothers Leverages FranFunnel To Achieve An 80% Contact Rate Automated text messaging has fundamentally changed the way Christian Brothers communicates with leads. While they've always been ahead of the curve on innovation, FranFunnel took their sales to the next level. This is how they did it and why Josh Barker now calls FranFunnel a "non-negotiable" part of their process. Tutor Doctor Launched FranFunnel In The U.K. With Impressive Results The early days of FranFunnel were focused on U.S. and Canada. However, when Tutor Doctor approached us about deploying FranFunnel globally, we were eager to give it a try. In short, the same success in North America can be achieved internationally as well. Oakscale uses FranFunnel for handling high lead flow without more salespeople Oakscale, the country's most tech-forward franchise sales organization, start hundreds and hundreds of conversations each month using FranFunnel. By investing in technology, they can work an ever-increasing lead flow without bringing on more, expensive call qualifiers Sport Clips Switched to FranFunnel for More Seamless Operations and Greater Conversions After first testing texting with another provider, Sport Clips joined FranFunnel in summer 2018. In just a short time, they've seen the amount of effort needed to text leads decrease precipitously as well as seen a significant increase in conversions. A Right Place For Seniors Raises Contact Rates 3x-6x Having their lead qualifier use e-mail and cold calls alone, A Right Place For Seniors were able to get a hold of 8-12% of all the leads they generated. After deciding to use FranFunnel, those numbers skyrocketed.

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