5 Text Messages That Will Give You Hope About Franchise Development

Here at FranFunnel we have the privilege of being able to watch franchise development across the industry in real time.

In these uncertain times, it allows us to see what is really going on in the minds of potential franchise buyers, and what they’re saying as they explore the opportunities.

Not only are these 5 messages; these are the 5 most recent messages in our system at the time of reporting; not some cherry-picked sample.

1. “Monday or Tuesday morning or afternoon.”

Franchise names have been scrubbed to protect our customer's privacy

2. "You can call or text me"

3. "I can chat now."

4. "I look forward to assessing the fit."

5.  "How about 330pm today."

If you are already texting as part of your franchise development efforts, these messages probably look pretty boring to you. And isn’t that great? Despite the uncertainty we are all facing, prospective franchise buyers are still doing their research, and making progress towards these big decisions.

Which means you are still going to be closing deals.

Eli Rosenthal is FranFunnel's Platform Lead. When if you're going to text him, please keep it boring.

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