An 85% Open Rate On Emails – Really?

We see a lot of numbers on a daily basis. In order to get ahead in the sales and marketing world, you really have to. (Doing everything by gut can work, but we find that marrying our intuition with data is the secret sauce to success.)

Honestly, it’s rare that specific numbers catch my attention. But this morning was a specific exception. When looking at a specific client’s account, I saw something I just can’t get over.

Now the SMS reply and 44% click rate are fairly prodigious stats. But that open rate is something I’ve never seen in the 4 years I’ve been in this world.

To give you an idea for how this looks against benchmarks, here’s what Super Office reports:

That’s ~2x the hurdle for the top quartile.

One thing to keep in mind with open rates is that the content of the email is less important than the subject line and the sender name. One would expect a killer subject line with an email like this, but in reality it simply reads:

This is John from [Franchise Name]

This is what happens when you pair excellent follow-up with lead generation. You can get people to engage in a way that you couldn't otherwise believe.

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