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Dating and Texting -- How To Double Your Response Rate

Since text messaging is so new to the business world, we often have to look to the more personal aspects of life for inspiration. Texting strategies have been well-refined amongst your family and friends, so why would we reinvent the wheel when it comes to our professional lives?

And of all the personal text uses that we take inspiration from, there may be none more relevant than the intersection of texting and dating!

Let’s say you were into someone and you wanted to have a conversation with them. I give you the option of one of these two texts to send.


Whether it’s via your intuition or understanding the intricacies of copywriting, you probably selected the second one.

And in that answer, lies the secret to doubling your contact rate: END YOUR TEXTS WITH A QUESTION!

It may seem obvious, but ending with a question invites the person you’re texting with to text back. Rather than having to work hard to decide what to text, all they have to do is give you what you’re looking for. (And if they’re looking for a text back, they may ask you a question as well!)

Recently, we were looking at a FranFunnel customer’s account who has two users. One user works half the leads and the other user works the other half. There is no distinguishable difference between the leads.

The first user’s introductory text looks like this:

And the second user’s introductory text looks like this:

It shouldn’t surprise you that the second user has a significantly higher text back rate than the first user. However, what may shock you is simply how much better the reply rate is for the second user. It’s 2x higher.

If you’re not ending your business texts with questions, change your messaging today to double your responses.

Eli Robinson is the General Manger of FranFunnel and the COO of Metric Collective. The only punctuation he uses more than question marks is ellipses.

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