Doctors Are Now Using Texting To Create Behavioral Change. Your Franchise Can Too!

During the second wave of the pandemic, we published the bulletin, COVID Changed People’s Relationships With Their Phones

At the time, we learned that a majority of patients ages 65-84 actively engage with their providers via text and respond to appointment reminders. Amazing!

The good news, that trend has only increased. We’re seeing a range of organizations using text messaging in innovative ways, and there are lessons the franchising industry can learn from that digital progress.

And it’s funny, because older generations who grew up before the digital revolution (myself included) have historically criticized young people who can’t go or do anything without their phones. 

“You’re more interested in burying your three inch phone screen than having a conversation with your mouth!”

But that’s not necessarily a negative thing. Perhaps texting is an opportunity to meet people where they are. Maybe your franchise can lean into this trend to help your development team award more deals. That way, the health of your business will thrive as much as the health of your customers.

Changing Behavior With Phones

Chiropractic Economics, a magazine that has focused on sharing insights and research from what doctors of chiropractic learn with patients, shared some fascinating research.

There is new data showing how taking advantage of the benefits of communications technology can actually induce positive changes in health behavior. One case involves using text messages as part of a program to help younger adults stop vaping. 

The study recruited 2,588 younger adults who had used e-cigarettes within the previous 30 days, expressed interest in quitting within the next 30 days, and had a cell phone with an active text messaging plan. All study participants were randomized to receive either just monthly assessments via text or an automated text program specifically designed as a health intervention tool to help stop the use of vaping.

At the end of seven months, approximately 25% of study participants who received the text-based intervention program had abstained from vaping, while only 18% of those who only received assessment texts refrained from using vaping.

Wow, if people’s health behavior can be positively improved via texting, imagine what could be possible for your franchise? 

And by the way, we don’t have a problem with vaping or smoking. People are free to inhale what works for them. But this seemingly unrelated case study on vaping is something that can have exciting applications to your franchise.

Meet Leads Where They Are

If your organization is looking to award franchises to the next generation of entrepreneurs, you don’t have to win them over to your style of communicating. Rather, you have to speak to them where they live. On their phones. 

Now, this is nothing new when it comes to targeting the modern customer, but here’s the lens to consider: 

You don’t have to change your customer’s texting behavior, but you can leverage texting to change their buying behavior.

Remember, a typical young adult (ages 18-24) will send an average of 133 text messages per week and will send and receive approximately 128 texts per day. 

That’s great! Why not make the next one come from your brand? If your potential franchise owners are spending such a significant amount of time reading text messages on their phones, then that’s the perfect place to inspire them to own a franchise. They’re already there anyway. 

Who needs cat videos and TikTok dances when an exciting career in franchising awaits?

FranFunnel wants to help you take text automation to another level. Our software is the #1 way to connect with your franchise leads is through text messaging. FranFunnel helps you follow up with and naturally communicate with people interested in opening your franchise.

You can actually interact with your lead. You can easily answer questions and schedule appointments via text, right within our app. 

And if doing so means a young person is going to have their face buried in their phone, so be it! As long as they’re looking at the screen, you may as well inspire them with an exciting business opportunity.

Plus, if they develop poor posture in the process, you could always encourage them to open a franchise like The Joint Chiropractic.

Sorry, I couldn’t help “cracking” a quick joke. Hope it wasn’t a pain in the neck. 

Maybe my writing style needs an adjustment.

Scott Ginsberg is Head of Content at FranFunnel. He doesn't vape or go to the chiropractor, but is willing to learn.

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