FranFunnel 2.0

(For a more detailed discussion of the new version of FranFunnel and what's on the horizon, take a look at this conversation between FranFunnel's CTO and GM.)

Hello Funnelers,

This is an exciting day for us at FranFunnel! After 17+ months using our original platform, we’re moving on to version two! In short order, both your FranFunnel app and desktop client are going to look different…in a good way.

Now, as you continue through this message, you’re going to find that all the features that you’ve come to know and love through FranFunnel are all still there. But before I get to how to use the new software, let's talk about the big question...why? And the answer is...

  1. Speed. While the old FranFunnel wasn't "slow." The new FranFunnel is fast! Now, everything loads like lightning and there's no more waiting around for the various activities to actually be populated to your app/desktop.
  2. Ease. No more reloads. No more jumping from place to place. Everything is in a better place, very simple to use and find.
  3. Efficiency. After watching y'all use our software for over a year, we see what's helpful and not. We've gotten rid of some of the less useful stuff, making the more useful stuff the heroes.
  4. More. On day one, you won't find anything new. This is on purpose. But now that we're working from a better platform, we'll be able to move fast launching new features. (Appointment scheduling / calendaring is on the top of our mind!)

As you can see, some of these benefits you’ll be able to take advantage of on day one while others we’ll put in your hands over the course of time.

Alrighty, onto the part where we placate your nerves that the new software is going to be hard to learn.

Let’s start with the app:

So the lead feed looks pretty similar to before. The only differences you’re going to see here is the removal of colors for statuses with various badges replacing them.

Also, we’ve tidied up the various communication notifications. The only new one is that a lead that has a new notification will be bolded.

Here's what it looks like when you click into a lead:

The first thing you’ll notice when you click into the lead is that the lead’s info is no longer located at the top of the screen. Now, if you want to access all the lead’s information, you’ll need to tap the lead’s name at the top of the screen.

All the lead's information will be there:

Back to the communication screen...

On the communication screen you'll see that we’ve combined the log and the SMS screen. For the most part, this will be where your text message exchanges will be located. As you send and receive messages they’ll be here. However, we’re going to populate that screen with other actions that you may be interested in: email sends, status changes, phone calls, appointments, etc.

For now, you’ll see these five options at the bottom of the screen:

Now onto the desktop:

The biggest change with the design of FranFunnel is that everything is located on a single page, without the necessity for page reloads. It’s just all there! (You shouldn't really have any need to push the back button, but it still works most of the time if you forget. 😉)

We’ve split your screen into thirds, each serving a different function.

On the left hand side is the lead panel. You’ll see that it looks similar to what your home page on FF1.0 used to look like. In the middle is the communication panel, it's a combo of all the "tabs" that used to exist in FF1.0. On the right is the information panel. You'll find all your summary statistics and lead information located there.

The lead panel works exactly you would imagine. The notifications looks a little different than before. Here's a legend:

The communication and information panel are also fairly self-explanatory. The only major difference is that all the information and events having to do with that lead are located in a single spot. We'll introduce some filtering functions in short order to simplify the design. But for now, your middle panel may look like this.

Some final notes before we go off into this brand new world:

As always, it's y'all that keep us motivated every day. Thank you for being the best customers in franchising.

Keep on Funnelin' on,

Eli and the FranFunnel Team

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