FranFunnel Passes 75 Lead Source Mark

When we first concocted FranFunnel back in 2016, there was always a lingering question in the back of our mind that we never really had a good answer to:

“How do we get all the lead sources to integrate with us?”

And admittedly, when we embarked on the path, we didn’t know what would happen. But after a year of being in the market, I’m happy to report that FranFunnel recently integrated with our 75th lead source!

What started as a single lead source back in January has grown to encompass basically every single third-party lead generator in the industry as well as copious numbers of our clients’ websites directly.

While the technical details of how we do it likely aren’t particularly interesting to this group, the short story is that we use a combination of APIs and email parsing to make sure that we never run into a situation where we can’t service our customers’ needs.

Having spent the better part of the year working with this incredible swath of lead sources, there are a few things that wanted to pass along:

  1. Company websites score better on efficiency but worse on efficacy compared to lead generators. What I mean here is that for each lead we receive, the website leads are slightly more likely to turn into a real opportunity. The contact rate is higher. However, when you look at how the majority of the opportunities are being generated, it’s certainly via the lead generators. It appears that lead volume is simply difficult to come by on your website.
  2. Text messaging defeats email for every single source. There was a hypothesis out there that e-mail would be a more effective way of getting a hold of people for certain sources. This turns out to be untrue. No matter how you’re generating leads, you are more likely to get a hold of them via SMS as opposed to email.
  3. Integrating directly with Facebook (and other websites) is becoming a bigger deal. For the longest time, the only two ways to capture contact information was either by driving traffic to your website or buying leads from others. Now, thanks to some cool innovations in social media, you can get contact information directly from Facebook.  As ad platforms evolve in this direction, it’ll be important to be able to integrate with them directly.

What’s your source mix like? Ready to learn which ones are working and why?

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