FranFunnel Release Notes, October 2021: Better Calendar Functionality

Once upon a time there was a FranFunnel salesperson who said the following:

The export feature is cool, but we should prioritize the calendar more and more. People are asking for our FranFunnel calendar to be able to read their calendar and show or not allow users to book blocked off times. The way it is now, you still have to go look at your calendar to see if you’re available, so it defeats the convenience of our calendar invite feature. Ideally, the user shouldn’t even have to leave the app to send an invite.

We are thrilled to announce that today is that salesperson's day. As of now, our calendar functionality is completely reworked!

Here is how it now looks:

Only the most seasoned FranFunnelers will notice something has changed here, because so far, the change is subtle, but important.

What’s different in this picture?

The duration and the call time are swapped. The call time used to be above the duration.

When things really get special is when you click on the "Call Time" section

A modal pops up, just as before

But by now, anyone who ever used the old calendar feature can tell that this is quite a different experience. The user sees exactly when they are free, so as to avoid scheduling over other conflicts

Now all they have to do is click on when they want to schedule the call for, and the invite is ready to send! No more playing with an analogue clock face to get the time right.

Today is the first day of a new era of FranFunnel Calendaring functionality.

Special thanks to our engineers, David Guilfoyle and Kevin Dolan.

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