FranFunnel’s First 100 Days

It’s hard to say when FranFunnel actually started.

In some ways, the FranFunnel can trace its roots back to the beginnings of FranchiseHelp in 2009. Or perhaps it’s when we first experimented with Twilio in 2013. Or even when we sent our first text messages in 2014. What about when we came up with the brand last summer? When we launched in at FLDC 2016?

Deep thoughts aside, FranFunnel first started serving customers in January 2017. So in line with a rather notable American history benchmark that just passed, FranFunnel just celebrated our first hundred days.

In honor of this rather momentous occasion, we’ve decided to publish a few articles covering what’s happened to us over the course of the past few months. What have we learned? What have we discovered? What surprised us?

We encourage you to check out those various articles here:

If your franchise is looking to modernize the way you communicate with leads, then FranFunnel may be just the partner you’ve been looking for. We are quickly becoming the go-to platform for not only managing communication with your leads but getting you to contact rate levels your franchise has never experienced before.

Let’s get the conversation started on how your franchise should be handling leads today.

Welcome to FranFunnel.

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