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FranFunnel Voted #1 Franchise Technology Supplier By Entrepreneur Magazine

We're thrilled to announce that FranFunnel was voted #1 Franchise Technology Supplier By Entrepreneur's Top Franchise Suppliers list!

To determine the Top Franchise Suppliers, Entrepreneur surveyed over 700 franchisors, from emerging brands to legacy organizations, to find out how satisfied they were with their suppliers. The magazine asked the franchisors to state which suppliers they work with, and also to rate their satisfaction with the quality, cost, and value delivered by each supplier. 

FranFunnel was voted #1 in “Technology Services,” up two spots from our #3 ranking in 2020.

Similar to last year, there’s nothing remotely close to our brand on this list. Hubspot (#1) is one of the strongest tech organizations in the world. FranConnect (#3) is a private equity backed multinational organization. And many of the other top brands are publicly traded companies. 

As usual, we have our customers to thank for this accomplishment. They're the reason we've become so successful, and we wanted to share some of their use cases here. If you were wondering how the heck a scrappy tech startup like ours reached first place, here's the data and backstories you won't read in Entrepreneur.

How FranFunnel Got To #1

We've recently asked our customers what work was like before they used FranFunnel, and how it’s improved after switching to FranFunnel. Wow, what a difference texting makes!

Before switching to FranFunnel, our customers tried everything to sell franchises: CRM texting features, text enabled landlines, email blasts, cold calling, manually texting on their personal cell phone, not texting at all, etc.

Did those tools work? Not really.

Here's a taste of what our customers said when we asked them how it felt to sell franchises once they switched to FranFunnel:

“Since half of our leads are generated outside of working hours, FranFunnel gives us an 80% contact rate for new leads, and texting is the #1 top way appointments are scheduled.”
Josh Barker, Director of Franchise Development, Christian Brothers Automotive

“In over six months on the platform, we’ve run thousands of leads through the system and have been able to exchange messages with over 45% of the leads.”
Karen Young, Director of Franchise Recruitment, Sport Clips

“You cannot close a franchise in the first five minutes, but you can definitely lose a deal that quickly. 95% of the people who take time to send a text back set up a call.”
Sean Hart, VP of Sales, American Family Care

“No matter what else is on my plate, I can keep the pipeline moving. It could be 9pm on Friday and leads are ready to go. I don’t have to wait until the morning, I can get to them at 9:01!”
Addison Targosz, Franchise Development Coordinator, Smoothie King

“The industry average for a franchise development coordinator is, I'm supposed to be reaching out to leads within a four hour timeframe. Text automation gives me the ability to reach people who I wasn't able to reach before. It’s incomparable what you get from that. We see a high level of success from this new process.”
Tori Jones, Franchise Development Coordinator, PJ's Coffee

# # #

We could go on forever, but that's just a sample of our franchise customers who are thriving. Thanks to them for helping us get to #1, and thanks to Entrepreneur for their award!

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