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FranFunnel's Five Things Friday -- Meet Scott Ginsberg

Five FranFunnel Things Friday -- Meet Scott Ginsberg

Happy Friday! Meet Scott Ginsberg, our Head of Content and nametag enthusiast from our New York team. Read on to hear all about his obsession with language, selling pizza ads and chopping salads.

What are some of your favorite things about working at FranFunnel?

Language is not only a powerful lever for personal transformation, but it’s also a window into the human condition. Observing the text messages FranFunnel users send, test and tweak is a fascinating experience. I’m always surprised at what earns a response from leads and what doesn’t. Working here is like having a never ending field study on the words and nuances of how people do business today.

I'm also a fan of any group of people who won't reject me outright for wearing a nametag everyday. It's amazing how many of my past job interviews have gone south because one or two employees couldn't cope with what is, in the grand scheme of New York weirdness, a benign violation. Some people are threatened by stickers, and thankfully none of them work at FranFunnel.

What is your favorite piece of technology?

Speaking of words, I did some research on the term itself. Any machinery or equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge is a piece of technology. In which case, I would have to say my salad chopper is my all time favorite. For twenty dollars, I have found a way to optimize my lunch experience like never before.

The halcyon days of eating unchopped cucumbers are long gone. Chopped salads are far superior than trying to shove an entire kale branch in your mouth with each bite. Show me a cell phone or app that can do that. God I love technology.

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Everywhere. There is almost nothing in this world that doesn’t inspire me. Could be bad movies, horrible books, delicious food, random trash, overheard conversations, and so on. My radar never turns off, and it’s a profound joy for me to beguile inspiration from even the strangest places.

My dog, as an example, is a hilarious, bouncy, slobbering ball of fur and love. She does some of the strangest things when we go for walks and play at the park, all of which get my creative gears turning. I have never had writer’s block, and I never will, thanks to this neverending fuel source for which I’m eternally grateful.

What was the first thing you ever sold to someone?

When I took a staff position on the school newspaper, part of my job was selling advertising. I had my mom drop me off at Noble Roman’s Pizza, which was one of our top St. Louis hangouts back in the early/mid nineties. I walked in, ordered a pizza, then asked to see the manager after I was done eating. I introduced myself and told her how all my friends loved their pizza, and she should buy a fourth page ad in our upcoming issue. She immediately said yes and wrote our newspaper a check for $80 on the spot.

That ad brought in exactly zero new customers from my class. Noble Roman’s promptly went out of business two years later. Long story short, that’s why I’m Head of Content and FranFunnel, not Head of Sales.

That's all for this week! Thanks for learning more about the FranFunnel team.

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