Nothing Is “Too Big” To Start With A Text

I’m a big etiquette guy.

I’m quiet during people’s backswings. I can set a table with the best of them (Thanks Mom.) I write lots of thank you notes. And I probably do a bit too much “over ma’aming” given my residence in New York City.

And I’m here to tell you that it’s 100% ok to start any conversation with a text, no matter how “big” you think it is.


If you are unfamiliar with the current set of tools that single people use to find partners, you may think that it’s not possible for an eventual marriage to start with a text.

However, almost every single dating app out there centers around placing two people together in a text conversation.

The idea is you get to exchange messages with someone as a low-stress precursor to actually going on a date. So yes, for every person that meets their match online, they started by texting each other.

(Fun fact: One dating app, JSwipe, just launched a feature where people who end up getting married can go back and see what their first texts were. Check it out here.)

International Relations

This is perhaps my new favorite. Traditionally, conversations between nations regarding diplomatic matters have been done via “official channels.” (I vaguely remember there may have been some concern over this prior to the 2016 election…)

I think this makes sense. Having these conversations standardized has high value for all parties involved. But unsurprisingly, this reality is beginning to change.

Back in October, it was reported that the White House was communicating with the Saudi crown prince using WhatsApp!

That’s right. In order to continue to facilitate a relationship between strategic allies, texting has become a viable way to communicate.

Extraterrestrial Contact

If the bounds of Earth aren’t big enough for your taste, then what about our first communications with aliens being via text?

Way back in 2009, scientists in Australia identified planet Gliese 581d, the nearest Earth-like planet to us, as a good candidate for extraterrestrial life. So, they enabled people to send texts to the planet like a message in a bottle to make contact.

We decided to go with the simple message:

“Hello From Earth”

(Short and sweet. I like it.)

Of course it’s important to mention that the texts won’t actually get to the ETs until 2029. But we’re all sitting here with bated breath to see what they have to say back! (Personally, I’m hoping for “New Phone. Who ‘dis?”)

New Businesses

Franchise ownership is a large financial decision being made by two parties, the franchisor awarding the franchise and the franchisee making the investment of time and money to start and grow it. However, texting is even effective at helping start a relationship between these parties.

One of FranFunnel’s customers is a high investment, educational concept. Each unit requires an investment of over $2 Million to get started.

On LinkedIn, in April 2019 we were notified of an announcement from the brand that they had just sold a three-pack i.e. an investment of over $5 Million that would eventually be put into the franchise. And here is the actual text conversation that started it all…

And the rest was history.

What’s the next big thing you’re going to start with a text?

Eli Robinson is the General Manager of FranFunnel and the COO of Metric Collective. He recently texted his super for assistance fixing a leaky toilet. It was a big deal for him.

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