Scheduling Is Finally Here!

After about a year of back and forth about the right way to start this (and then actually building it), we're finally ready to release the first version of appointment scheduling within FranFunnel. (As with most FranFunnel features, we get all excited about these new things and then we look back on them a year later and can't believe we were so excited about them.)

So here's the skinny...With the launch of calendaring, we're going to allow you do one thing and one thing only...send calendar invites to you and your leads. (What you won't be able to do that you'll want to do is edit and cancel events but we'll get around to those things at some point down the line.

When you want to send an invite to a lead, first navigate to that lead and click the calendar button at the bottom of the screen.

And then depending on whether you're on desktop, Android, or iPhone, you'll be taken to a screen that looks like this:

On this screen you'll be able to edit the event name (by default it'll be {lead name} <> {your name}), select the start time in your time zone, pick a duration, and add any notes to be included on the invite.

When you press "Schedule Appt" or "Schedule Call" (differs by device), three things will happen:

  1. That leads timeline in FranFunnel will be populated with a box that signifies that a call has been scheduled
  2. The event will be automatically added to the calendar that you connected (more on that below)
  3. An e-mail will be sent to the lead inviting them to the event

That's it! Now, there's no more jumping back and forth between apps as you try to actually send invites to your leads. Need more's what one of our beta testers said about the new feature --

“The calendar feature is a game changer for me- I'm scheduling significantly more meetings than I was previously since it is so easy to do so. If a lead asks me to call back in a few hours, previously I would never take the time to create the meeting in my calendar, but would schedule a personal voice reminder to call them at the desired time (which of course doesn't give them a reminder before the call). Now it's so easy for me to do that I schedule meetings for any follow-up in app and don't have to set voice reminders. I think on a macro level, more scheduled calls & automated reminders for the lead translates to more conversations, more deals..." -Sean Choi, Franchise Social

The features that we already know you're going to want are different default event names, being able to change/cancel events in the app, automated text reminders to leads, and being able to schedule time for other people. We've got all these on our to-do list, but we're gonna walk before we run.

Keep on schedulin' on!

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