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What Matters and Why When Following Up With Franchisees

Let’s stop here. If you’re convinced that you know how to successfully follow up with franchisees, then don’t waste your time with this article.

When it comes to calling your leads and following up with them, it may seem pretty obvious about what to do and how to do it. And while you’ve probably heard most of the things below, the question is whether or not you’re doing something about them.

Our goal at FranFunnel is to offer you a way to simplify and improve your whole process, and we really want you to know the three things that matter the most to us.

Personalized Follow Up

When reaching out to a lead, the difference between a generic automated email and a personalized effort can differ as little as simple one word: adding the recipients’ name. And that’s just the start. We believe that every email should be as tailored for its recipient as humanly (or machinely!) possible.

You probably have had experience opening your fair share of automated marketing emails and dismissing them without a second glance. What a personalized email/text message does differently is it allows for a better reception to it. Because…

Trust and respect. When it comes down to it, a lead will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say and respect your time if they feel mutually assured on the respect front. A personalized email tells them that you’re taking the effort to reach out to them. More importantly, you’re not simply dismissing them into the masses of other leads and contacts at hand. Furthermore, in this day and age, people generally expect personalization and sincerity. Without a personalized email, you might even go as far as leave a bad impression on your lead even before you speak to them. And as everyone says, well, first impressions matter.

That said; don’t just depend on personalized outreach to do your whole job for you of piquing your contacts’ interest. Take into account specifically how each and every customer is different. Do not adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy and instead increase engagement by taking in every little detail of what they might need.

Speed of Follow Up

By now you should have heard what countless studies have had to say about the intense correlation between the speed of your lead follow up and the success rate of appointments. The culture of instant gratification makes your leads more likely to change from inquiry mode to conversion mode in the first 60 seconds.

How fast is fast, you may ask? Let’s put it this way. When a lead fills out a form online, they will probably give you at most 2 minutes of their attention span before they’re off doing something else. Wouldn’t you? Catching them during this grace period allows none of that attention and interest to slip away, and also, saves you a lot of time and effort having to redirect their interest once its lost.

Do note as well, if a customer is bent on finding out more about your franchise and a call or information is not provided, they might want to find out about the brand themselves, which might end up being counter productive. Even worse, they may seek a competitor!

Persistence — Just the Right Amount

By persistence we definitely do not mean for you to hound your leads until they convert for the sake of getting rid of you. What we do mean however is to not throw away perfectly good leads after a single failed call. For instance, if a lead were to not pick up the phone right away, always make sure to try them another time just in case they may be unavailable the first time. Know when you have to increase your availability for the customer just so they feel important enough.

Knowing when to let go as well is a valuable skill. If a customer shows absolute disinterest and you feel that repetitive contact is not going to change that, always choose to let go, and spend your time in the right places i.e., new leads.

Seems great right? Then why aren’t you doing it.

If you’re like the hundreds of franchises we’ve spoken to in the last year, it’s because you don’t have the right people helping you.

This is where FranFunnel comes in. We know the worth and value that each and every one of these things bring you, and we do it all with you. Start doing it the right way and the easy way, with FranFunnel.

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