FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days: Overview

Since FranFunnel’s humble beginnings in January 2017, hundreds of thousands of leads have come through our platform.

We’re proud to say that our software has become the franchise industry's premier messaging solution designed to make salespeople more effective at qualifying prospects and scheduling appointments.

Now that we’ve crossed the fated 1,000 day mark for our company, we wanted to honor this momentous occasion with a series of articles to share our data, insights, and reflections.

Here’s what you can expect in this forthcoming series:

  • What have we learned about leads?
  • What have we discovered about contact rate?
  • How has the texting landscape changed or stayed the same?
  • What are the lessons learned, looking back to our first 100 days?

These questions and more will be answered. Our data set will mostly focus on the last six months of user activity. This time period indicates where we are now as a company, but it also shows how far we’ve come.

We encourage you to check out those various articles here:

FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 1: The Leads
FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 2: Contacting Leads
FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 3: Revisiting Our Original Learnings
FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 4: The Road Ahead

The #1 way to connect with your leads is through text messaging. If you're not texting, you're losing sales every day. FranFunnel takes text messaging to another level. Let us show you how easy and efficient text messaging should be.

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