FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 1: The Leads

What can we tell you about the leads we’ve seen come through FranFunnel?

Focusing on the last six months of user activity, here’s the data.

First, let’s highlight the day of the week.

Similar to what we saw in our first 100 days, leads remain fairly evenly distributed throughout the week with a slight dip Friday — Sunday. That being said, it’s clearly important to have a good plan for those days as they represent almost 40% of the leads.

We continue to see a consistent lead flow between 9AM and 11PM. While the true “overnight” leads don’t seem to be a huge issue, the leads between when your sales team leaves the office and the end of the day are clearly at risk here.

And now let’s talk about geography. Here are leads by state:

This data hasn’t changed significantly since our first 100 days, when our top state was Texas, although Florida has pulled ahead of California as our number two.

Diving into specifics of state, here are the top area codes:

Respectively, we’re seeing leads from Houston, followed Atlanta and then New York City.

Finally, here are the top email domains:

As we saw in the first 100 (and now first 1000 days) Google and Yahoo still make up a truly amazing 81% of the leads coming through FranFunnel. If you want to succeed in emailing franchise leads, make sure you understand how those two inboxes work both visually and technically.

Whew! That wraps our first post about the lead data. We’ve gotten quite granular here, but for good reason. Because we can. Because we live and eat and breath texting data. As we continue to share our findings in this series, you’ll see why the numbers above are critical to the overall arc of how Franfunnel, our customers and the world of texting has evolved.

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