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Sales Tech So Good it Sells Itself... Literally

What follows is a message I received after a coworker overheard me on a sales call:

Screenshot from our Intra-Office Chat

Ignoring that he calls me "Brosenthal" (a title he knows irks me), and "sales guy," (a title I am more undecided on) Josh did quote me correctly.

You see, I've set up FranFunnel to sell FranFunnel.

Let me explain: Leads (people potentially interested in buying FranFunnel) come in from our online sources. But instead of me getting their information in an email (or dropped into a CRM), they are automatically, instantly, funneled into my FranFunnel. From there FranFunnel does what it does for every client; it starts the conversation for me. This is instant, and, critically, effortless.

Some pretty cool examples of what I'm talking about:

A real screenshot from my account

This lead is a person who, at 11:34 AM on June 22nd, put his contact details into an online form requesting information and pressed submit. Within seconds he received the top text. Moments later, he responded, setting up a time for me to pitch him!

I could have been asleep. I could have been on vacation.

I could have been dead.

Nonetheless, FranFunnel was working my leads for me. By the time I knew that a new lead had even come in, I had a call scheduled with him! And this is normal!

Another REAL example
And another!

You get the idea.

But of course you are not selling FranFunnel, you are selling franchises. Does it work as well with online generated franchisee leads?

Of course it does.

Here are a few samples from some of our clients' accounts:

A real screenshot from FranFunnel

Note the one minute delay on responses!


The leads your company is generating are better than you think.

FranFunnel will unlock their potential.

(Consultants, we'd love to work with you too!)

A screenshot from a client of ours who is a consultant

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