Where Does Texting Fit Into Your Sales Process? (Hint: Everywhere!)

It’s overwhelming how many sales tools are now available to help reps and managers be more effective at their jobs.

Sales tech is evolving faster than any one person can keep up with. Every day, companies are increasingly investing in new technologies to accelerate sales performance during every stage of their sales pipeline, including list building, prospecting, qualifying, giving demos, following up and closing deals.

According to industry research from Sales Hacker, the landscape now includes close to a thousand vendors. The sales tech category has seen close to $2 billion in venture funding and $10 billion in acquisition activity over the past year.

So where does texting fit into your sales process?

Short answer: Everywhere.

Many FranFunnel customers told us that prior to becoming users of our messaging platform, their companies were still sending and replying to leads manually. Which might have worked to a point, but ultimately these salespeople realized that their approach was labor intensive, hard to scale across the organization and unreliable during off peak hours.

We recently spent some time chatting with a cohort of our users, and learned a lot about their processes and habits, in terms of where texting fits into their sales mix.

To start, texting is powerful from the very beginning of the process. Some of our users have found texting to be the most crucial as a first impression generator. Tori Jones, Franchise Development Coordinator of PJ’s Coffee of New Orleans, had this to say:

“The industry average for a franchise development coordinator is, I'm supposed to be reaching out to leads within a four hour timeframe. Text automation gives me the ability to reach people who I wasn't able to reach before. It’s incomparable what you get from that. We see a high level of success from this new process.” 

However, the first impression isn't the only place for texting. There’s also every impression after that initial contact. 

Elizabeth Hawkins, Manager of Franchise Development Marketing at PuroClean, talked about the importance of texting over the long haul.

“With old leads that were kind of not responsive to previous campaigns, we still text message them multiple times. And I can track the number of correspondence that we have. Sometimes it's the seventh, eighth text, just knowledge dropping them. Hey, did you know this? Hey, have you checked this out? Hey, have you watched this video? And finally on the seventh time, I can see they clicked the link and they finally went somewhere and learned something about our company that they didn't know before!”

How is texting part of your follow up strategy?

If Tori’s or Elizabeth’s story resonated with you, then we encourage you to thread text messaging through every stage of your sales process. Doing so will simplify, streamline and scale your operation, while still being personal and customizable in tone. 

We understand it can feel overwhelming how many sales tools are now available to help you be more effective at their jobs.

Consider FranFunnel’s texting automation as the solution to that problem.

Scott Ginsberg is Head of Content at FranFunnel. The first sale he ever made was a 1/4 page ad for Noble Roman's Pizza in the school newspaper.

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