You're Probably Burning Your Best Leads

One of the largest logical fallacies in the sales world is that lead generation is most prevalent during working hours.

We recently wrote about the 40/30/30 rule and how 60% of leads come in overnight and on the weekends.

This means that coming up with a way to service these leads effectively is paramount to succeeding in the ever more digital lead generation world.

(And of course, this is exactly what we do here at FranFunnel.)

However, as we’ve began to dig deeper into what’s actually going on throughout the course of the week, something even more important seems to be shining through -- leads that come in overnight and over the weekend have HIGHER contact rates through FranFunnel.

Take a look here.

A common hour of the day that salespeople like leads to come in is 10AM. So let’s index the contact rate for 10AM at 100.

What times of day do you think the contact rate is higher?

Here’s the relative graph for every hour of the average day.

What this means is that leads that come in between 7-9PM have around a 20% higher contact rate. In general, the highest contact rates are for the leads that come in between 5PM and 10PM.

Right now, if you don’t have a viable tech solution for these leads, you’re leaving insane opportunity on the table. (Without a tech solution (and please get that weak e-mail autoresponder crap outta here), it’s nearly impossible for non-working hours to have the higher rates.)

And to make matters even more urgent, here’s what the data looks like per day of the week. We’ll index Tuesday at 100 as it seems like a “normal” day.

Which days do you think have the highest contact rates?

Here’s the relative graph for every day of the average week.

Leads that come in on Saturday and Sunday have around a 10% higher contact rate.

Without the proper tools, your company can’t take advantage of this.

Take the steps today to finally get what you should be getting from your leads, not simply taking what comes. Leads want relationships that begin outside of working hours. Give the people what they want.

Eli Robinson is the General Manager of FranFunnel and COO of Metric Collective. You should feel free to contact him 14/5/250.

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