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Selling Franchises With Texting In a Down Economy (Without Going Broke!) With marketing budgets being scared frozen, brands have to take innovative action with their franchise development efforts. Why We Designed Our B2B App Like a B2C Product FranFunnel is unwavering in the way leads are sorted. We’ve never offered users that option, because we want them to think of our app like the rest of their text messaging apps on their phones. FranFunnel’s Inaugural Text Message Beauty Pageant There is no such thing as an ideal text message. Rather, there are a variety of different types of text messages that can help your sales team accomplish its growth goals. Let's meet our contestants... FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 4: The Road Ahead FranFunnel has spent the last 1000+ days taking text messaging to another level, and our clients are as ecstatic as we are. And by the way, we’re just getting warmed up. FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 3: Revisiting Our Original Learnings FranFunnel may be forever young, as Rod Stewart so beautifully sang, but we’re growing up. In part three of this series, we revisit some of our original learnings and reflect on what has (or hasn’t) changed since January 2017. FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 2: Contacting Leads What can we tell you about the leads we’ve seen come through FranFunnel? We’ll share data along with four use cases, or samples, to see where the texting rubber meets the road. FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days, Part 1: The Leads What can we tell you about the leads we’ve seen come through FranFunnel? Focusing on the last six months of user activity, here’s the data and why it's important to you. FranFunnel’s First 1000 Days: Overview Now that we’ve crossed the fated 1000 day mark for our company, we wanted to honor this momentous occasion with a series of articles to share our data, insights and reflections. How Salespeople Can Successfully Text Leads At Night Our data proves that it's a smart idea to send texts overnight, in an automated fashion. So what are the best practices for doing so effectively? This post teaches you how to leverage automation, context, timing and speed to close more deals. 5 Text Messages That Will Give You Hope About Franchise Development Here at FranFunnel we have the privilege of being able to watch franchise development across the industry in real time. Early Evidence Shows Franchise Development's Resilience to COVID-19's Effects Lead generation could be the ultimate indicator in the current economic climate. Here are anonymous transcripts of recent text messages that stood out to me and why. Federal Government Cooperates (?!?!) To Curb Robocalls At the end of 2019, the U.S. government took a major step in working to curtail robocalls for consumers. Here's a look at the key features of the law.

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